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I realize that my view point of the old series versus the new series is unpopular and uncommon. That's why I didn't bother talking about TDK in 2008. After being beaten down by it's downbeat tone, I had no energy to even write about it. TDKR being the last the in the series, felt like saying something this time.

A lot of work and passion went into TDKR (and the two prior films), so I'm glad it's successful and that fans are eating it up. I just disagree with Nolan's vision of Batman and prefer the old series, because I am that old-school and prefer something more fun. But something both fun and dark if possible. Neither Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher got their movies perfectly right. It is "Batman" and "Batman Forever" that stick out for me. "Batman Returns" is okay. It's best asset is easily Catwoman. And "Batman & Robin" is so-bad-its-good, it is the perfect movie to watch when you want a laugh. Why despise something for the remainder of your life instead of enjoying it for what it is? For those that look past so-bad-its-good and just go straight to plain bad, I certainly get that.

In the end, I still have a fondness for "Batman Forever." I was ten years old when I saw it, and it was and still is fun/amazing entertainment for me. If you want you to talk about dark, how about the two-and-a-half hour director's cut? That was supposed to be darker and explore deeper emotional themes concerning Batman's need to be Batman (it's all in the title). Now, that I would like to see made available instead of another re-issue on video.

In the end, both series are imperfect and largely suffer from opposite problems. I am now looking forward to the next "Batman" film, should it be another reboot, to see if a director can come up with something in between the first and second series. I do like darkness in a story concerning someone named The Dark Knight, but this second series was drenched in it, too much it - kind of like chicken with broccoli from a Chinese restaurant drenched in too much gravy. It got a lot of things right, but didn't know what do with those things. Two-Face for one. Given a different structure for all three films to follow, Two-Face could have been given more screen time and a truly amazing presence. Given a different structure period, everything about this second series could have been amazing.

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