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I have a solution for going to the theater and having commercials and spoilerific previews thrown at you. If you're seeing the movie alone, bring your MP3player or whatever you listen to nowadays. I still listen to a CD walkman and it saves me the misery of commercials and previews.

And I used to like seeing previews. Nowadays, every individual preview is 2+ minutes long and gives almost the whole movie away. I wish producers in Hollywood would learn to be creative and realize less is more. Make the previews shorter and stop wasting our time and yours. This is not just now, this has gone on for decades. Previews have always shown an outline of the movie, it's just become more blatant in the 2000's.

As for watching DVD's (and not Blu-Ray in my case), the remote should have a menu button and also a Next button. I have some newer movies in which the Menu botton "does not function," but the Next button should get you there. It may be annoying that you have keep hitting Next, but I'm patient. The FBI warning is no huge deal for me. It's just fifteen seconds of your life, and so is that "we didn't make the commentary, the asshole filmmakers did" screen.

Don't have Blu-Ray. Is it a lot tighter in enforcing you to sit through the entire preview show before the menu screen? My sympathies.

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