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But then these same kids look up to this athlete and view him as an idol. Then they emulate their heroes. I meet on guy who actually believes that date rape isn't a bad thing, it's just part of having a good time. Guess who his heroes are (and have been since he was a kid)?
I gotta assume... Kobe Bryant?

OK, clearly date rape is different. Yes, I wouldn't want my kid to idolize a rapist (although, I don't think any of the My Wish athletes were ever convicted of anything, or even went to court). I just like to see the kids having fun, especially if they have an illness that normally causes them to be lethargic but for that one afternoon they get to be normal.

Christian Bale's reputation, to my knowledge, doesn't need the kind of repair that a rapist's would. Yeah, he has his issues, but if him visiting this hospital improves the spirits of the victims, I think it's worth it. And again, unless I missed something, he didn't have a team of cameramen.
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