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Yeah, I thought that was pretty awesome and have shared the story a couple times today. I first saw about it in the shooting thread but didn't post today, since I was just lurking mobile. Imagine Bale showing up to visit you in the hospital, like "Hey, what's up?"

We don't know Bale but this seems really cool.

What we do know about Bale is that he plays Batman and Batman is a master detective. A detective uses observations and insights to make conclusions.

James Garner also played a detective: Jim Rockford, the main character on TV's "The Rockford Files", which aired from 1974 to 1980. It won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. The show also "features Noah Beery, Jr. as [Jim's] father, a retired truck driver."

As for Joblo schmoe, Bob Loblaw...

The photo released isn't some sort of professional picture.. it is a low res picture that was obviously taken by the victim in the pictures friend or family and then put on Twitter or Facebook.
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Bale was brought in without anyone knowing, hidden from the media. An ambulance took him directly past all the cameras and into the ERs ambulance bay. All the pictures you see came from the victim's phones/twitter.It was not until his visit was almost over that the media actually found out and they got pics of him leaving.
He's no Jim Rockford.


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