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Can we all just come to a common consensus on these boards that there are more than one singular definition of a lot of words?

You guys are talking about "having fun" when I think the complaints of "fun" are about a lack of playfulness in the movies.

I had a blast at this film, but felt it was much more serious than the previous two. That wasn't a problem for me, other than how is drastically shifted in the last minutes, seeming to cram a whole play date into the goodbyes, but others had a problem with it.

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Here is something interesting I just read and makes perfect sense about that ending:

At the cafe:

People have a problem with Alfred finding Bruce Wayne at this Cafe, a one in a million chance.. BUT it is known that Bruce's mothers pearls have GPS on them... and at the end of the movie when they are going over Bruce's estate, they specifically say that the pearls are missing. Thus Alfred could have GPS'd the pearls and boom, found Bruce.. and yes it could be anywhere, but because of the story told by Alfred earlier, it was perfect to find him at the specific cafe.. that is making a movie, if people dont like those small liberties that are made to make a movie, they just wont like anything!

I don't think Alfred cared to find them and was just being respectful of Wayne's wishes, no matter what they were. Alfred rolls like that.
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