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About the finger prints...
They needed that in order to make the exchange on the stock market (to gain control of Wayne Enterprises).

I just didn't think that 9 years after Ra's initial plan to destroy Gotham under the pretense that 'the city is beyond saving' was valid anymore. That was a major point of BB and TDK - that Gotham is worthy. I figured the LoS where above revenge and focus on the bigger picture - restore harmony in the world (or something like that). And it seemed like since the Dent Act, Gotham was somewhat at peace.

However, after re-reading your explanation, it does seem to be the most probable. I guess Bane still strictly believed in the plan as a Mercenary and not for the greater cause as the League would (which is why he was banished?...cause he thinks like that...?)
Thanks for helping me think this through!
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Keep in mind, Gotham was ignorant in its peace. The Dent Act (that they didn't clarify) seemed to basically give the police free reign to do whatever they want. The people arrested under the Dent Act never got fair trials or anything (remember the scene with Blake and Gordon). So Gotham was only in this improved state because of a lie: the myth of Harvey Dent. That's why Bane exposed it. He wanted the citizens to realize that they were lied to these last 8 years. Once that happened, some people started to turn.
I think it was a combination of the Harvey Dent lie - that the mayor and Gotham used to keep the criminals Dent locked up behind bars - and that Bane and Talia wanted to finish Ras Al Gul's legacy. They didn't know that Dent went nuts and killed several people until they got Gordon's speech. The original plan was to blow Gotham to hell . . . Dent being a murderer was just icing on the cake.
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