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Motion Picture Martyr

Ok I’m being a total whore on my very first post (actually technically my second post since I was a dummy and posted this on the wrong forum the first time and that one was subsequently taken down). Any-who please forgive me for doing self-promoting.

So we are in the midst of a Kickstarter and we really need to get some buzz on our page – there is only so much our friends can take of our badgering for help. Motion Picture Martyr is very much a film for those who love the art of filmmaking and raw emotional stories in the tradition of independent cinema. The filmmakers behind this garnered awards for their first major effort, and web-series title OH, INVERTED WORLD (Shins fans will likely spot the title) which was reviewed glowingly by the New York Times.

Right now our KS feels like its about to descend into Dante's first ring of hell and we are trying desperately to breathe some life back into it, so if you could please check out our Kickstarter page, spread the word, and donate if you can.

All the best!

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