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Cop No. 366:

I enjoyed the movie on my second viewing, but I think Nolan severely took advantages of the minor plot holes that were prevalent, but not as bad in TDK. Sure, things seemed way too convenient in regards to Joker's archaic scheme, but it seemed like that "go with the flow" plot mechanics were pushed a bit further in TDKR. Since Harvey's story line in TDK worked so well in one movie, he decides to throw in other minor characters in hopes that there's enough time to create full fledge story lines in the conclusion.

Unfortunately, it just didn't work that way for this film. It makes those plot holes that were minor in TDK feel much more major in this installment. I think some viewers are cool with that (like me on some level), but other film goers (like Cop No. 366) just aren't gonna be up for that type of "go with it" storytelling.
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