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She told a story about how in the 90's Cruise saw a girl involved in a hit & run accident. Cruise called the ambulance that took her to the Hospital. Cruise's manger instructed him to contact the hospital and pay for her medical expenses, and tell no one. Why tell no one? Because the manager knew that when this woman got out of the hospital she would tell EVERYONE that Tom Cruise saved her life. All the while Cruise can blush on camera and play Mr. Humble when asked about this incident. This turned Tom Cruise from a superstar into a beloved superstar.
And your conclusion is... Look at how cynical these public relations are? The first thing I thought about was cool this girl got all of her medical expenses paid for. Why do you put so much emphasis on the petty intentions of public image when the actions are still positive. Worst case scenario, everybody wins. Girl gets her expenses paid for and Cruise gets positive publicity. Booo?
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