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From an unverified post on IMDb that based this off of set reports, etc, the breakdown of segments seems to be:

Ewing: Wachowskis (1800s one)
Zedelghem: Tykwer (1930s one)
Luisa Rey: Tykwer (1970s one)
Cavendish: Tykwer (early 2000s)
Sonmi: Wachowskis (dystopian future)
Sloosha's Crossin': Wachowskis (distant post-apocalyptic future)

It's a little disappointing to me that the Wachowskis are taking on the post-apocalyptic setting (and all the most visual ones). I would have LOVED to see Tykwer take on at least one of the more cinematic stories but the Wachowskis got all three.

It looks good but I think Tykwer taking on the post-apocalyptic one would have been something to see. Tykwer's my favourite working director and he's got an incredible eye visually (the last shot of Heaven is just perfection). I was really hoping to see him take on the post-apocalyptic one or the 1800s one but I guess they all figured they would play to each others' previously established strengths (the three picked for the Wachowskis are definitely the ones most in their comfort zone, ditto with Tykwer's set).

I think (and am hoping) the score will written by Tykwer and his two normal collaborators - which would be amazing because the Perfume score is one of my favourite scores of the past several years.

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