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Not to go off topic, but I find it kind of unsettling that some people get so overly angry over an internet nobody saying something negative about a person they don't know. It's kind of scary to think about, and it kind of puts this shooting into perspective.
Comments like it kind of puts this shooting into perspective could be more responsible for getting people riled than criticizing an actor. But like I said, I think a lot of the flack is coming from people who feel your criticism is getting in the way of their catharsis, or their idea of their catharsis, or some kind of public healing process, and that makes a lot of sense to me. It's just an awkward thread for attacking Bale. I don't really care about public relations in the shadow of a tragic shooting, so any accusation leveled at Bale is going to come off petty in contrast. Everybody here knows that the next guy over has no better reason to like a celebrity than they do to dislike a celebrity, so it's usually pretty mutual. Although some of the replies to your posts have been out of line, so I'm trying to be mindful that you didn't escalate it first and you weren't the one to get personal first.
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