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I don't know much about Bale's past as far as the yelling at the film crew or assault charges. I've gotten into arguments with my wife, yelled at her, upset her. I apologize to her, we make up, and we move on. Who knows what the circumstances were after what we heard from the media? The outburst against the Terminator crew was 3 years ago; nothing came from the assault charges and he never served jail time. So who knows what happened? He may be difficult to be around, but visiting the shooting victims is the definition of "cool." He gave them a memory from the incident that doesn't involve being shot or shot at while watching a movie he starred in.

I don't think it was a PR stunt simply because he made no statement to the media. There are no Christian Bale soundbites or even any video of him visiting the victims or memorial sites. Just fan pictures from the victims. If it's a publicity stunt, then all he got out of it was a couple of fan pictures from Facebook and Twitter.

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In other news, I went and visited my grandfather-inlaw at the hospital. I called the local media but they hung up on me.
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