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I think the problem Mr. Loblaw is this:

You are saying that Bale did this as a PR move... he showed up with a plethora of cameras to take photos.

but the facts do not support such a claim... the only picture(s) that have come out are those of low grade cell phone cameras taken by the victims and their families and then posted to their respective social medias account.

This isnt a case of Sean Penn going to New Orleans with his own professional photographer... this is the case of Bale, no matter if it was of his own volition or he was pressured into going by his PR team, going there and spending time with these people.

I have no doubts that Bale might be an ass hole to the below the line crew, it sounds plausible... but here, the evidence you have does not substantiate your claim!

I have worked on film sets as well and worked with some real ass holes and some really nice people, and i can understand your claims here, saying you have worked with him and he was an ass hole, and in that it doesnt seem he would just go visit these victims... but in this case, it seems like Bale went there to visit these victims with no motive other than to show solidarity with people who simply wanted be the first to see a movie he worked so hard to make.
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