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It wasn't the topic but the fact that it was poorly conceived. He could have made the joke without directly referencing the shooting and I think it would have been a lot better.

"I saw TDKR last weekend and wow, what a piece of shit movie that was. 25 minutes in, I just wanted someone to shoot me."

But no, it's Cook so he milks the whole thing for everything it's worth. The guy is like masturbation for 7 and 70 year olds. Wank, wank, wank, wank… then little or no payoff.

A lot of comedians can and will joke about this tragedy and it will work but the truth is that Cook is Cook.

Huffington Post asks about crossing the line, and I say no. The only crossing the line I saw was a slide show that indirectly compares Cook to the likes of many other better comedians.

And I didn't notice the thread title being butchered, all I saw was a topical bad taste joke get butchered.

I will say one thing in fairness to Cook and that is that no one should have been taping his performance. Comedians aren't screenwriters. They are more like musicians who perfect their work through performance and trying it out on new audiences. Chances are, if we hear Cook making this joke weeks from now, the delivery and the execution will be improved. I'm not fan of his but what he did has more integrity than assholes who use their cell phones to tape live performances. Remember the old days, when people used to go to live shows to, you know, watch the show. What the hell do you assholes do with this stuff anyway? Do you go back home and watch it on shitty video and say, "Man, that was so great. I was there… recording it with the free camera I got from Sprint!!!"
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