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You've oversimplified the role of the nuke in this film. First off, the whole purpose of the opening sequence was to explain why Dr. Pavel was believed to be dead later on in the film. Pavel was the only one capable of turning Bruce's reactor into a nuclear weapon and if the world thought he was dead instead of captured or missing, they would feel a lot more at ease thinking that no one was planning to use him to arm a nuclear device.

2nd of all, the irony of the nuke plot device is that the nuke was created from a reactor that was meant to provide the world with an unlimited resource of clean energy. What makes this plot element even more ironic is that the hero in the film was responsible for the reactors existence. That to me is interesting; a device meant to help the world is converted into a weapon by the enemy. Even more interesting is the question is Bruce to blame for the weapon ending up in the hands of the enemy?

3rd of all, the joker didn't risk the fate of Gotham's soul on a fist fight because he knew he was physically outmatched by Batman. The joker is more of a psychological villain than a physical one. Bane, on the other hand, was the first villain in Nolan's trilogy that was actually stronger than Batman. He was a very proud villain, one that believed Batman could never defeat him.

Lastly, the stakes couldn't have been higher in this film. Nuclear war has been the planet's biggest fear for awhile now, and this fear is mirrored by the images of revolution, terrorism, and nuclear threats depicted in this film. There's no point in killing someone in the film for dramatic effect if the narrative doesn't call for it. This film wasn't about revenge, it was about Bruce's quest to reaffirm the importance of the value of his life. It was about him learning that he could have a life beyond the pain and tragedy he experienced, that he wasn't necessarily destined to be a martyr. When Bruce arose from the pit, he basically found a way to climb out of the darkness of his own life, to escape his despair. Hence the title, The Dark Knight Rises.
Thank you for pointing out those subtle things that Nolan didn't make clear in the film. I don't know how I missed them... So that's why the film is called the Dark Knight Rises? I thought it was just to sound cool and shit. Damn, you blew my mind chum. You blew my mind.
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