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Welcome to the internet age where nothing is "too soon" anymore.

Actually i'm not saying it's bad , just saying i'm part of the jaded crowd.

For me , I think it all goes back to the anthrax attack shortly after 9/11 ..... people where asking the metal band Anthrax to change their name because it was negative now. They did ( as a joke ) changed it to "Basketful of puppies" for a month or 2 so people would back off. A "Basketful of puppies" doesn't exist btw.

Now Gangster Squad wants to redo a scene because the trailer showed a scene where a gangster shoots people in a theater ( being a preview to TDKR was the jackpot of bad timing ).

Shit happens , deal with it ! Stop trying to mold society into something it's not.

I never found Dane Cook funny but i won't throw stone at him because the joke is misguided .... he should have really focus fire on THE WATCH premiere.

It all goes back to the simplified 3 degrees of separation rule

(1= personnal) - Dude cuts me off on the highway , i wanna ram his car down
(2= entourage) - Dude touches my girlfriend's ass in a club , i'm gonna punch him
(3= unknown people) - Dude guns down and kills 12 people in a theater some 2000 miles from my home , it's sad but it doesn't affect me.

Each degree makes for a less violent response when the reverse should be law ..... meaning if you touch my girlfriend's ass , i'm still gonna punch you !

Sad ( really it is ) but true.

If it's not related to us directly , we shrug it off like a fly squashed on the windshield of the car of our lives.

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