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I'm all about the funny.
This guy wouldn't know what funny was if it kicked him in the crotch. (THAT would be hilarious)

To joke about a horrible thing like this might be funny to some.
Thank god you haven't experienced something happen like that to someone in your life, a family member or friend.
So you can justify it being poor taste but just a joke.
Would you tell that joke if you were doing a show in the town where it happened?
It's poor taste but it's just a joke, right?
Dane-O, buddy?
I'd suggest that he grow up but that would mean enduring him even longer.
Tragedy isn't funny.
If you find it to be a knee slapper, more power to you.
I'm all about the funny. There's nothing funny about people dying and someone joking about it.

Just the Rust-man's opinion.
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