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I forget where the poll was taken, but something like 25+% of those surveyed said they were still afraid to go to the movies. It's clearly impacting the film (and others as well). There's just no way after its midnight numbers and the way it was performing early Friday morning (before most people had heard about the shootings) that it would be putting up numbers like it has. They aren't bad numbers, by any means, and it's still hugely successful, but this should have hit $500-600 million easily. As it stands right now, it's looking at around $425-450 million, unless it has much stronger holds in the coming weeks.

WOM isn't the issue. As I said before it received an A Cinemascore (same as TDK), a 93% Flixter rating, and 4.5/5 stars on Yahoo Users.
Who knows why the numbers are low. The Watch did really poorly too. Regardless TDKR is still a big hit and nobody will hurt because of it.
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