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That was a nice recovery considering what it did on Friday and it held steady on Sunday, very nice, that could be a sign the apprehension is subsiding .

Let's put this in perspective, i think the shootings did have an effect, i don't see how it wouldn't but even in light of that it's just shy of 300 mil after only 10 days, yes, 300 mil ( 537 mil worldwide ), how is that bad. And in comparison to TDk after 10 days ( i keep on going back to the BOM running tally comparison ) , it's only about 25 mil off that movie's pace which is pretty damn terrific all things considered ( hate that phrase but it's apropos in this instance ) . It should cross 300 mil tmmrow, hopefully, unless it has a huge drop .

Yes, Ledger made a difference concerning the box office of TDK, but at this point in time head to head he only made a 25 mil dollar difference if you want to get technical and most likely if the shootings never occured TDKR would be running ahead of TDK right now . Of course we'll see just how well this holds up when it finishes it's run but it's the expectations again, most of us felt like it was going to break all kinds of records, me included, once you settle down and realize it's not going to, you'll see it's making some definitive noise at the box office in a more subtle but potent fashion.

400 mil is guaranteed unless there is a zombie apocalypse, how far above that number is the x factor . Yeah this is the same guy that said SM was making 300 mil but i digress, it's performing excellent and the Bat fans should not be concerned .
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