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LOL it was not like that. We had to get married quicker, because of legal reasons. In the Catholic religion you have to be engaged for at least a year. We were only engaged for several months when we had the first wedding. I HAD to get married in Catholic church for family reasons. The second wedding was for the my family, mostly.
First thing l have to say is that when l said horse and cart l was suposed to say horse and carriage

My brother when he got married a few years ago he and his wife had a catholic cermony

We were in the church for so long going through it
I never thought it would finish my daughter was six at the time and l couldnt beleive she lasted the distance because it is not only saying l do to each other there is alot of other things to do while getting married if you are catholic

Also my brother had to go thorugh a marrige couciling before the marriage and that is a big deal if you are a catholic

Erroneous l bet your family were happy that you had the second wedding l know when a Italian person gets married there is alot of reletives

Did you have traditional Italian wedding Erroneous and reception
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