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I'm not too surprised Phelps isn't doing all that well. His heart isn't in it, and his "cherries on his sundae" comment made it clear.

Lochte, on the other hand... wow. Blowing the lead in the relay (and swimming the 3rd fastest leg for the Americans even though he was the anchor) and then not even medalling in the 200 freestyle. I'm stunned by that. He seemed poised to take the mantle from Phelps as the World's Best Swimmer and become a star in these Olympics. Pretty odd.

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Why is table tennis considered a sport? Same for equestrian? synchronized swimming and diving???? Trampoline????????

Why not jacks? Why not dodge ball? Why not trampoline basketball? Tetherball? spitting for distance? Any of those lumber jack games? cow tipping? beer pong? quarters?
I have no problem with those things being considered sports (particularly table tennis), but I don't understand how they're still in the Olympics but something like Softball got voted out.
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