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I'm glad someone finally filmed key scenes of a Batman film in NYC .

I guess the debate will never end as to what Gotham is modeled after, supposedly different writers had various inspirations and some even combined multiple cities to create a sort of amalgam of major Us cities to stand in as Gotham, from what i understand.

I see Gotham as Manhattan and Wayne manor as being located outside the city limits, possibly to the east on Long Island ( Northern Nassau County ) or even to the North of NYC (Westchester County maybe ). Could easily be in Connecticut also.

That's just the vision i always had since the Burton films because as a child in love with the Tv series incarnation i pictured Gotham as Los Angeles, that's probably because it was filmed there.

Oheka Castle on LI stood in for Wayne Manor in BF and B and R, at least some of the exteriors, i'm not sure if any interior shots were filmed there and one scene in BF was filmed in Nyc ( an exterior shot of Wayne entering the building where Meridian had an office ) , so that further cemented my connection with Batman's Gotham and Nyc .

I did notice two things in TDKR concerning the locations. The hospital scenes were shot in England, you can tell because the doors in the hospital have a circle on them, i forgot what's written on them but i've been there 4 times and they are on every public door in that country . Same thing for the airport scenes . So that means Gordon was flown to England to be treated for his injuries at a Uk hospital ( maybe he didn't have adequate insurance coverage ) and Selina flew to England from the Usa and then tried to leave that country just to escape Gotham
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