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That is really awesome! I like the line about technology making things harder and can relate to that - giving you more liberation for tweaking and so forth. There used to be a time where you'd record something and that was about it and now the production process can go forever.

You took what he said totally out of context. Pretty much every single actor in every film's voice is "messed with." What he was saying is that they didn't add effects or anything, hence him going on to talk about how they tooled with adding water sounds and breathing sounds but decided to leave it as is. All he said was that Hardy was actually doing that voice, then he added that the only thing they did was "make it as understandable as possible."

I also don't get the big hub dub over the IMAX prologue and the final cut. The only difference seems to be equalization. That was the first I've seen the IMAX preview and am flat-out dismayed that so much has been made over the difference. The way people have been talking, I thought it was completely redubbed. It's the exact same voice recording.

Yeah, I open all the threads I want to read then reply to them one by one. I still maintain it's the easiest way to navigate and reply on these forums, despite occasionally sounding like that guy in Pootie Tang who repeats what Chris Rock's character in Tang's entourage always says.
It was redubbed. Some of the lines are actually different, and you can hear very clearly the one line that wasn't changed.

Or different takes.

What I hated about his voice was that it sounded like we were inside his mask. And not as a third party, listening to it outside, muffled by the mask.

And it was so much damn louder than anybody else.
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