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One of the King Kongs of the post-WWII nuclear age alongside Godzilla and Rodan, but just because a moth is the size of a building, it’s still the poor man’s butterfly. You watch a movie like this to get a crash-bang-boom course in old-school giant monster mayhem and special effects, and all the cheesy model and miniature destruction it entails. Unfortunately, you have to slog through about an hour of ridiculous acting and “drama” to get the entrée. Sorta like a restaurant that gives you three courses of salad, then finally makes with the real food when you’re starved and full of tasteless greens. Definitely see this for completion’s sake as a cinephile, to shore up some of your kaiju education, but don’t waste your time if you have better things to do. Like, pretty much anything. Even a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. Yeah, I went there, Mothramaniacs, what of it?

-> 3/10

Mothra is useless as well as a terrible mother. Her children are far superior and her sister (Batra, who is a bat, I know, how the heck is a bat related to a moth) is total badass.