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Many songs of artists should be replaced by their other tracks like

Hetler Sketler of Beatles should be replaced by "While my guitar gently weeps" or "And your bird can sing"

"Creep" of Radiohead should be replaced by their "Paranoid Android" or "My iron lung"

"Jump in jack flash player" of Rolling stones should be replaced by "Brown sugar" or "Can't you hear me knocking"
its is such a horrible list my personal 10 best guitar tracks are...........
10# My Generation- The Who
9# Purple rain- Prince
8# Black sabbath- Black sabbath
7# Smell like teen spirit- Nirvana
6# Stairway to heaven- Led Zeppelin
5# Back in black- AC/DC
4# Layla- Derek and Dominos
3# Jonny B Good- Chuck Berry
2# Purple Heze- Jimmy Hendrix
1# Crossroad- Cream

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