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The Tall Man (2012) - ***

This movie is being wrongfully marketed as a horror movie. If that's what you expect going in, you'll be disappointed because it's not a horror movie at all. There are some thrills and suspense in the first half, but the second half contains some really intriguing twists and turns and the final scene is surprisingly haunting and thought provoking. There is a movie that it kind of reminds me of, but I won't say what that movie is, as that might be very spoiler-ishly to say. But a very interesting movie that is a pleasant surprise. A very different movie than I was expecting.

Mississippi Burning - *** 1/2

Pretty powerful and disturbing with strong work by Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe. Ending felt kind of flat and anticlimatic though.

The Watch - ***

Not great but very enjoyable for the most part. Stiller, Vaughn and Hill are good but the real scene stealer is the wonderful Rosemarie DeWitt playing Stiller's wife.