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They didn't use other takes, they cleaned up the voice in post-production.
Well, it was all done in post-production. All of Bane's dialogue was recorded in ADR because they couldn't use his on-location sound. Hell, all of the actors' dialogue shot with IMAX cameras was dubbed in ADR because the cameras are so freaking loud. Nolan said they weren't finished tweaking Bane's voice when the prologue was released. I've listened to the comparison video several times and I was incredibly underwhelmed by it, they're really not that different. Yes his voice sounds a bit louder and less mumbly, but the spirit of the voice is exactly the same. People are acting like he went from Darth Vader to Yoda.

Bane is just like any other character in a Nolan film, what you see and hear in the trailers is not what you see and hear in the final product. Seriously, go back and watch the trailers for The Dark Knight, Nolan used different takes for the final film.
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