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On the Road (9/10)
Completely engrossing from start to finish. The period is authentically recreated, and the story is relevant to any era of young adults. I related to a lot of what these characters went through on a personal level. Performances were superb across the road, with Garrett Hedlund being the real stand-out. He completely nails this enigmatic character and has a unique charisma on-screen. His character is really the centrepiece of the film in the way that he acts as a catalyst for most of the other characters' actions throughout. He has a big job and not one moment rings false. His performance hints at a character that's been through a lot in his life, but we're left to come to our own conclusions about how he came to be the emotionally cut-off wanderer he is we meet in the film. Kristen Stewart is also brilliant and silences any critics with her performance here. She strays far from her good-girl image here and loses herself in the character. Sam Riley is also excellent, communicating the character's vulnerability and desire to break free of his monotonous life beautifully. The film is filled with many humorous moments and never takes itself too seriously, but is truly heartbreaking in doses as well. I loved every moment.