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THE TALL MAN (2012) Directed by Pascal Laugier & starring Jessica Biel in yet another surprisingly good dramatic performance since her Oscar-worthy turn in POWDER BLUE from a few years ago. Biel portrays a young widowed nurse dwelling in a small, poverty-stricken mining town in upstate Washington where several cold cases involving missing children are linked to the local legend of the title supernatural figure simply known as "The Tall Man". When Biel’s young son David (Jakob Davies) is kidnapped by this mysterious Bogeyman, the chase is on as the local townsfolk battle FBI outsiders during the harrowing aftermath of their community's latest vanishing act. There are plenty of twists abound as the shocking reality hits the viewer like a sledgehammer even after the first big reveal occurs pretty early on in the movie! Think a horror version of GONE BABY GONE meets WINTER’S BONE! This is Biel’s stage from start to finish as her Julia Denning character captures the attention of both her audience & her on-screen counterparts (most notably Joelle Ferland from CASE 39 as a troubled teen, Eve Harlow as loyal babysitter Christine, Stephen McHattie as the G-Man on the case and local sheriff William B. Davis a.k.a. Cancer Man from THE X FILES TV series). I’ve always been a fan of this Jessica for obvious reasons, and she never disappoints! The ending will leave you baffled but there is a method to all the madness if you look deeper into the story. My grade: B+

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