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Remember Marion Jones ? USA is not cleaner than China. Heck even in Canada , the Ben Johnson scandal in 1988 Seoul game was pretty big ( his medal was awarded to Carl Lewis (US) who himself was tested positive in pre-olympic trial in 1988 but the suspension was overturned).

Lance Amstrong is also under heavy fire for drug use for all his career lately.

Before you lay the blame , wait for drug test. What the American trainer did was tasteless ... the China female swimmer had more race categories to go and it was just a blatant attempt to break the athlete's concentration ( she did win her next race ). If she is guilty , fine. The silver winner will get gold. That's it.

Enough about the dark side of the Olympic , here's my "Cheers mate!" of the day :

Hamadou Djibo Issaka - Male Single Rowing - Niger

The 35 years old never rowed in his life until 3 months ago. Niger is not really known for its flowing rivers and aquatic sport dominance. He got a "wild card" invitation to the Olympics ( kinda like the Jamaican bobsled team in Calgary in 1988). I just saw him perform in the F final against Tunisia and Cameroun and he finished a good 2 minutes behind the other 2. The guy really had no place among the elite and in interview after his race , he would catch his breath after every 2 words but damn it .. he gave all he got and that's the spirit of any sport. As a bonus , his nickname is "Hippopotamus". PURE WIN moment !

and here's my awesome of the day :

Alex Bruce & Michele Li - Female Badminton Team - Canada

They gave all their best to get to the gold medal round but lost to Japan (#4 seeded team) so they are gunning for bronze tomorrow. Canada was not even supposed to be there but the scandal gave them a second chance ( 4 teams were kicked out for losing games on purpose to secure better match-up in the finale ). The awesome factor is the crowd cheering BRUCE LI - BRUCE LI - BRUCE LI. WIN !
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