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I haven't seen this film yet and I won't be going to a cinema to watch it - perhaps as a one time rental only.

To me if they were going to adapt Phillip K Dick's story (which I am yet to read) it would have been better to name it the same or just come up with a different name - not calling it Total Recall because it comes with very high expectations from fans of the original.

When I first heard about this remake and that it was going to be based more on the original story I thought that there was hope this would be an interesting film. However after seeing the trailers and that every story beat is the same as the 1990 film, I realised that if I were going to watch the film it wouldn't have any surprises for me - if they have included things from the Phillip K Dick story I do not know what they are, aside from the fact that the story didn't take place on Mars?

In any case I am going to avoid this film. I would rather watch Total Recall with Arnie for the twentieth time than watch this remake even once.
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