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I don't understand the low RT score at all. I had a blast watching this one. Maybe I was just in the right frame of mind.


This movie is a very pleasant surprise from the land of the re-makes. Itís tough to judge the plot itself because re-making such a well known first film means all the plot twists arenít twists at all if youíve seen the original. Thereís also no question that there are a few unnecessary over-the-top logic flaws that drag down the overall intelligence of the film. Still, the movie does deliver some of the best looking futuristic effects and technology that I have ever seen. You really buy in to the advanced surroundings and spectacle. Iíd classify a few of the scenes on display in this fun film as some of the best sci-fi mixed with chase scenes of all-time. (Yes, ALL-TIME) Theyíre an amazing mix of high tech and old fashion serial chase thrills. Overall, I wish they had cut a few tacked on resolution scenes and simply stuck to the fun but still a popcorn thumbs up from me.
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