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only thing i would be interested in is learning if Beckinsale's character dies and if so how? use spoiler tags if you know.
If you're EVER going to watch this movie, I would NOT read this spoiler. VERY Spoilery...
She makes it all the way until the end. She survives the entire crazy finale and then shows up hologram disguised as Biel's character and tends to a wounded Farrell. He noticed it's not really her because of her lack of a scar and they fight a bit before Farrell gains control of a gun and blows her away through the back of a medical ship.

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I was really wanting to see this one, until I found out it's PG-13. Fuck that shit! I love Biel & Farrell, and Beckinsale's hot as hell too. But I think I'll wait for DVD if I even bother checking it out at all.
Kate does the obligatory tiny white panties scene to show off her assets in her very first scene and they do have nudity with a three breasted woman if that helps. The violence is shot well and there is a high body count. They very much pushed the PG-13 limits.
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