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I know a good looking guy when I see one, and I'm fine acknowledging it. No homo. But this guy... I don't get the appeal. If I woke up looking like him tomorrow, I would be pretty upset.
I'm not the hottest guy out there (pretty close), but so many times I see a dude with a hotass super-fine chick and I'm like "wow, what a lucky dude. I'm still glad I'm not him, though." I just think many guys are either a) just plain not attractive, or b) pretty handsome but in a very generic and predictable way.
I think this many times.

This guy, though... I hate pretty much everything about him. Even as a musician he doesn't impress me. He plays guitar like I do when I'm bored and not expanding my creativity whatsoever. I could literally pick up my guitar right now and do his shit, yet many say he's "great". I disagree. But then again he's banging all these celebrities and has tens/hundreds of millions of dollars, thus increasing the pussy-to-prick (literally and figuratively) ratio exponentially.
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