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The List-Alive
1. Jennifer Lawrence- (So I could steal her heart away and get her to marry me, or at least be my girlfriend. ) (P.S. I am 23 and not some creepy 50 year old, just so you guys know)

2. Quentin Tarantino- (Just to hear him talk about stuff)

3. Rosario Dawson- (She seems cool in real life.)

4. Christian Bale- (Why not!)

5. Robert Downey Jr. (Again, why not!)

6. Naomi Watts- (my favorite actress)

7. David Lynch- (hve you seen this guy's movies? I'd love to get in his head for a couple hours.)

8. Samuel L. Jackson (The King of Cool)

9. Seth MacFarlane (Love Family Guy)

10. Cate Blanchette (just because!)

The Deceased List

1. Heath Ledger
2. John Belushi
3. Ingrid Bergman
4. Marilyn Monroe
5. Humphrey Bogart
6. Richard Pryor
7. Tupac Shakur
8. Alfred Hitchcock
9. Brittany Murphey
10. Bob Marley

think of the conversations...
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