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See now this is actually pretty funny. Jeff Ross knows comedy. He clowned on Seth Green at the Rosanne Barr roast.

Once Ross took to the podium, he turned to red-haired fellow roaster Seth Green. “Congratulations,” Ross said to Green. “This is actually a really big night for you. You haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora.”

The joke was met with a resounding ohhhhh from the audience, but Ross wasn’t finished. “I’m kidding!” he said. “You’re not like James Holmes. At least he’s doing something in a movie theater that people remember.” That was met with continuing sounds of mouth-gaped shock, along with a mix of boo’s and a scattering of slow applause.
This is a good example of what I was saying earlier - the difference here is that Ross was making fun of Seth Green but using the Aurora shootings as a reference point. Whereas Cook was actually making a joke about TDKR being a bad movie but he used the shootings as a punchline. He emphasized and elaborated on the wrong parts of the joke.
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