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Paramount went back and scanned the original film for the 1080p BD release of the TNG series. My question is this: can they go back and re-scan the film at 2k, 4k and 8k resolution to re-release it, say, a decade from now? Not asking if they will do it to make money, but rather if they will be able do it from a technical aspect, scan, specifically, the TNG TV series film.

Will it just be sharper than 1080p or will you not want to see it because producers would have to airbrush the actors, or will it just not make any difference except that you can project it at a larger venue? Thanks.


There is a point where the source material will not look any better not matter how high the resolution of the scan itself. For example, 16mm will always look grainy and somewhat less defined.
Many TV shows are filmed in 16mm - or 32mm, which is "better".

From what I've read, the show looks freaking fantastic on BR. It's doubtful if a higher resolution would present something better. Especially considering that it was filmed in the 80s/90s, before hi definition was even on the creators' minds and not intended to be seen in hi-def. It's a lot like Star Trek: the Original Series, Twilight Zone or many others....
They were filmed with the intent that they'd be viewed on a small screen and so the HIGHEST DEFINITION QUALITY would mean nothing but wasted bandwidth and digital information.

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Note: I took out the part about 2k. I previously assumed 2k was double the 1080p rate, but I'm now assuming that 2k = 1080p. I might be wrong on both counts. Please won't someone educate me!? (No sarcasm intended.)
2K = 20481080 or 2.2 megapixels
4K = 40962160 or 8.8 megapixels

... So yes, 2k is roughly bluray quality.

"1080p" just means that the display has 1080 lines of horizontal resolution. The actual number of PIXELS might change for the movie itself because the aspect ratio removes horizontal and/or vertical presentation.
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