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I agree with this rant. I think Batman Returns is just as bad as the Schumacher ones

I'm curious as to how many people who like Returns have watched it recently? I was a fan of it, hadn't watched it since I was young & recenetly revisited it last week...its just sooo terrible. Like others have said...Batman has all of 20min of screen time in the movie, the characters are just way to ridiculous, I mean...the Penguin gives a Patton like speech to his penguin minions...comeon!!!
Was never a big fan of Returns, but I just watched it again and I really have to agree with you.

Sure it's more gothic and dark (twisted, even, with the baby-napping subplot), but this verges on being as over-the-top and ridiculous as Batman Forever. Catwoman has so many bad puns it's unbelievable. Penguin is ridiculous and his little arcade version of the Batmobile makes me laugh every time. Batman is barely in the damn movie, and Bruce Wayne for even less. The movie is dominated by its villains - and sure, Pfeiffer is sexy as hell and Christopher Walken is fun as always. But talk about a movie that completely forgets about its hero.
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