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A mostly entertaining combination of Jason Bourne and Danny Ocean that unfortunately finds itself at odds with, er, itself, half the time. Sometimes it’s so tongue-in-cheek with its self-reflexive wit as to be pure parody, the next it’s trying to literally ape the most serious aspects of a Bourne movie. It’s obviously the danger for filmmakers in situations when you can sum up their movie as “This meets That!”, and that unevenness betrays the whole in this case. Though it’s easy to forgive when John Malkovich bringing his talent for insanity to the table and GILF Helen Mirren puts the "ass" in both "class" and "badass". It’s a great cast, and Bruce Willis leads the bunch with another action performance that doesn’t stand out, necessarily, but simply gets the job done as only he knows how. His fist fight with Karl Urban in CIA HQ was fun stuff. Everyone’s here for paycheck, but they’re credible and make the ridiculous parts work and the “serious” parts feel somewhat important.

-> 6/10