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Sad news. But at least he's only, presumably, experiencing the early stages of it right now and was able to experience a long career. Michael J. Fox wasn't so lucky.

I'm going to say what others don't feel and what others are afraid to admit. Instead of mentioning the bigger movies of his, I will comment on "Super Mario Bros." It isn't that bad, and not bad at all really. And part of the reason is Bob Hoskins' portrayal of Mario. He was the perfect actor to play him and his presence helps make it watchable. The movie is not a perfect translation from the video game and wasn't supposed to be. What movie could? Mario jumping ten feet in the air, eating mushrooms, and growing twice his size? No movie adaptation could do that and I wish fans would realize this when they tear it apart.

Anyway, with a lesser actor as Mario, it could be bigger joke than it is considered today, and Hoskins plays a big part in making it an entertaining movie. So did John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper. Thank you, Bob, for "Super Mario Bros.," "Hook," "Unleashed," and "Who Framed Roger Rabit?," among other movies I cannot recall at the moment.
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