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A double-feature at the Mall:

Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge (1988) - An overlooked and forbidden film from the VHS days that I forgot about and snatched immediately when it turned up at the last convention. Was it worth it? Not really, but I'm glad to have seen it and put it behind me. Who is Eric? Why, he is teenager Eric Matthews - not be confused with the ones from the show "Boy Meets World" or the "Saw" series. Eric is scarred and mutilated when land developpers torch his house, in order to build a mall. His revenge is somewhat sweet, but not all that memorable. Look out for Pauly Shore in an early role and Ken Foree collecting a paycheck.


Chopping Mall (1986) - Now this is how to rip it up at the mall! This one I did not neglect to see during the VHS days. A group of teenagers hang around at the mall after hours to have some fun. The new security robots are reprogrammed after a lightning strike and take out anything that breathes. It is stupid fun. Although, to be objective, it still isn't great. Upon revisiting it, it is a thin premise barely stretched out to feature length. Overall, certainly not bad for what it is.


More reviews soon

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