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1. Buddha: Mainly because he's one of my idols and I think seeing him in the flesh and understanding, fully, his initial principles would be very inspiring.

2. John Mayer: My favorite singer. Asking him what inspires him to write some of the music he's written in the past and why he ultimately must break so many hearts only to later complain about being alone.

3. Christopher Nolan: Though not my favorite director, I just enjoy hearing him describe why he does the things he does, but in a literal sense, as well as in a metaphorical way.

4. Stephen King: His writing, though gruesome in fine detail, have paved the way for the horror genre and, ultimately, have lead to more than a dozen film adaptations. Like Mayer, I'd be interested in hearing what inspires him to write some of the dark and twisted things he does.

5. Richard Dawkins: Even though I probably won't be able to fully understand what he's talking about, it would be refreshing to hear someone so well versed in their field to discuss the beauty of biological evolution.

6. Barack Obama: He's the President of the United States and has achieved a lot in such a small time frame.

7. Seth MacFarlane: Just because I love Family Guy and he's hilarious.

8. Lars Von Trier: Just so we discuss what the hell Antichrist was about.

9. David Fincher: Being my favorite director, I'd like to discuss how he decides to tackle the projects and how he goes where no other director will go with so much studio support.

10. Steve Jobs: Coming from an adopted family by to lower-middle class parents to being the face of the most profitable company, I'd easily want Jobs present because he's a man that gets attention when he walks into any room.
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