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To each their own. I played BORDERLANDS on the PC and I think a lot of what I hated was not just the game itself, but the actual port of the format from console to PC. It was lazy and just plain shitty.

FALLOUT 3 is like mentioned above; it's essentially Elder Scrolls 3. Not that it's bad, but if you like Skyrim then Fallout 3 might be worth it.

BATMAN, on the other hand, is awesome for the PC. Excellent port. So is the sequel, even though it's more of the same. That's alright as long as you think you'd love doing the same thing from the first game over again.
Mark Hamill as the Joker is my favorite version. I love his take on it. It's as if every single line he spews in the game and the cartoon is by a man that is in on a joke nobody else knows about, and he's just about to spill the punchline... and doesn't. He's crazy, maniacal, smart and insidious all at once.
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