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Parents (1989) - This film was a breath of fresh air for Randy Quaid's career and the dreadful year of 1989. It is a dark horror-comedy set in the 1950's about a boy whose parents might be cannibals. One clue is that he's always fed leftovers every night. Unlike his roles in the "Vacation" films and various other movies, Quaid plays it straight and couldn't be creepier. Something the movie pegs down magnificently is that childhood feeling of uncertainty in which one does not completely know or trust the world yet. That feeling is doubled with creepy unease.

*** out of 4

Diabolique (1955) - An abusive schoolmaster thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. He has both a wife and a mistress. Both women scheme to have him killed and things get weird. An excellent, if dated, French film. It effortlessly shows what a waste the 1996 remake truly is.


The Crimson Cult (1968) - Another film with a witch, and also featuring the talents of Boris Karloff and Barbara Steele, as well as Christopher Lee. It has H.P. Lovecraft written all over it. A young man is invited to a mansion with a lot of strange stuff going on. It is very weird, has a late `60s's style to spare, and also considerable watchable despite a poor reputation. Maybe it's just me, but I saw more in it than others do.


The Stuff (1985) - A satire and spoof of the "Attack of the Monster" movies from the 1950's. Its culprit is a new ice cream brand that turns people into zombies. Much of its intended satire might have went over my head. Another overlooked/forbidden movie from the VHS days, it is a decent but not all that memorable watch.


Dead & Buried (1981) - Tourists visiting a coastal town are murdered and then mysteriously come back as normal citizens. It is an interesting and different offering from 1981, the year of the slasher films. But just like "The Stuff," it falls short and is decent at best.


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