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I know that plot cohesion isn't exactly high up on the Austin Powers Franchise's list of priorities but i just couldnt ignore one thing from the third installment.

What happened to Felicity Shagwell (heather grahams character) in the third film. I dont know if there was some explaination of her absense which i missed but as far as i could tell she was there at the end of the second film and then missing completely from the third!!!

I wouldnt have minded if they explained where she was but they totally brushed over it...

Disappearance from the series:

Heather Graham did film a scene for the sequel, Austin Powers in Goldmember, but it was cut from the final version and did not appear on a DVD release. A book, which tied in with all three films, says that Felicity stayed in the present, but realized that Austin was still in love with Vanessa Kensington. The two parted ways, but Felicity did not travel back to the 1960s, as most of the battles against sexism had already been won.

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