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I've gotten to the point where I don't even go to the theater anymore unless it's a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) screening. I can see those free, and there's usually a Q&A with the cast and/or filmmakers afterward. The audiences are much more respectful (because they're in the business), and no one texts or runs their mouths.

I made the mistake of going to see "Avatar" in 3D when it came out (I didn't care for the film, and the 3D looked dark and murky). But even on a weekday matinee showing, a woman's cell phone went off a few seats down from me. She answered the thing and began talking like she was at home - top of her lungs and going on and on. I finally got up, walked over to her, and said "Please hang up your phone!" She gave me a look like I had called her every name in the book. She made me out to be the asshole. And of course she continued to talk on her fucking phone. She eventually hung up, but this was the last time I ever paid to see a movie in the theater.
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