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Now, by human history, you mean the Bible as a mythological book filled with stories and metaphors. Because he doesn't appear in any history book. And, if you look more into his character, scholars say there's a possibility they meant he lived for 969 lunar months which is equivalent to 78 1/2 years--this is more believable especially given the time the Bible was written (there weren't high mortality rates). And I agree, I love the irony. He did so wonderfully with The Fountain, I can only imagine what he'd do here.
No. By human history I mean the Bible as an accurate written document based on facts. The Bible is not a showcase, nor is it filled with mythological fantastical writings of any kind. But rather, as already stated above, it is an accurate historical account of past events, people, and other things that actually came to pass on Earth, as written by scribes under influence by God himself.

Methuselah does appear in the Bible, and in historical books. There's no possibility in question here, my friend. Years, Not lunar months as you stated. His very first born son arrived when he was 187 years of age. Methuselah, whose name means “when he dies it shall be sent,” was the longest living man on record. He died, at the age of 969, 1656 AM, the Lord sent the judgment of a worldwide Flood. I guess this will be seen in the film.

And in regards to no high mortality rates in biblical times. Here is a short list of people who actually lived well beyond a century. Yes, I know it's almost impossible for us as mere everyday imperfect mortals to even grasp this kind of longevity. But they existed. And what's more, there were plenty of men who lived for centuries and more. Take a look here. You will note that Adam lived to 930 years of age. In God's eyes, 1000 years is a day. Pretty staggering when you contemplate this.

1. Methuselah - 969 (Genesis 5:27)
2. Jared - 962 (Genesis 5:20)
3. Noah - 950 (Genesis 9:29)
4. Adam - 930 (Genesis 5:5)
5. Seth - 912 (Genesis 5:8)
6. Kenan - 910 (Genesis 5:14)
7. Enosh - 905 (Genesis 5:11)
8. Mahalalel - 895 (Genesis 5:17)
9. Lamech - 777 (Genesis 5:31)

Enoch lived 365 years walking with God and then disappeared. Could possibly still be living. Maybe taken away by God like Elijah but not noted. (Genesis 5:23 & 24)

I apologise for the side tracking here. But it is relevant to the film in the respect that Methuselah is portrayed in Noah.

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