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Looking back at this thread, I still stand by my assessment of ANT, the only good thing is up until I saw my reply, I hadn't seen or heard of Ant in such a long time, so im glad he went away! A far better homosexual comedian is Mario Cantone, that guy is pretty damn funny.

I also stand by my critique of George Lopez, his whole act hinges on Mexican vs. American... although when i first posted a reply in 2008, I used the term "He sucks nut sac!" I'm glad to see that I have matured a bit over these past 4 years!!

As for comedians now that I don't like:

Chelsea Handler: She is not really funny, she can say a line here and there that is comical, but her whole act is just based on her trying to be edgy by skewering celebrities. An act done by other, far better, comedians. Plus I don't like her whole "Im 35 and I get wasted every night, and Party" She is famous cuz she fucked the head of E, I guess a career is a career, but that personality type doesn't appeal to me.

The thing is I used to like Handler until it just one day dawned on me, she sucks! I watched her show, cuz she had funny comedians on it. And one of those Comedians was Jo Koy. I really like that dude on Handlers show, he is always one of the funnier guests, so I decided to check out his stand up, and it was just bad! I think as a dude, he is very funny, seems like a guy you would want to have a convo with, but his stand up just isn't very comical!

I still don't like Katt Williams' stand up.. and I will add to that Mike Epps. These are 2 guys that I enjoy seeing in movies, because they are really good comedic actors, but their stand up routines are terrible.
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