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Has anyone noticed that the cut scenes are a bit choppy? Was wondering if that was the game itself or an issue with my tv/ps3. No other games I've been playing recently have this issue.
Yes I did notice, I am intoxicated right now but yeah cutscenes are a bit off in some missions and I play on Xb360. And after collecting all collectables and maxing out everything except my triad upgrade points,(pain in the ass) I have to drop my personal game score to 8.0-8.5. It has received good enough reviews, and I love the fighting mechanics but it's been worked on and in development for close to 1/2 a decade when it was announced as True Crimes: Hong Kong but was dropped by ACTIVISION.

I walk into one of my apartments with a meat cleaver or some awesome gun, go to use my monitor setup for the hacked security cameras around the city for drug busts hit the Y button which for some reason makes you drop whatever weapon is in your hand. You select the camera, sekect the perp they get arrested, and when it goes back to 3rd person view in your crib it freezes (after saving though which is cool) the screen so you have to reset. Though no problems when you go in empty handed with a standard semi auto hand gun holstered or not ready to shoot

Not a bad game but not as good as I was hoping.
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