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I like him a lot. I think he should've come to the States after Fatal Contact, which makes a lot of "Best of" lists when it comes to action movies of the 2000s.

I always felt that the non-fighting actors make better action movies than the actual combat actors. You can master the choreography with wushu (like Jet Li) or even dance/ballet (like Michelle Yeoh).

This guy does demonstrations like Li, and is incredibly acrobatic. However, I still prefer Donnie Yen, who is 49 but going strong. Yen and Wu had a great fight scene in Killzone.

I also really dig Iko Uwais (kid from Raid Redemption) and think he has a bright future. Tony Jaa is pretty cool, too. I know they're not Chinese, but whatever. Uwais is starring in a movie directed by Keanu Reeves, which I assume will be in English, as Reeves also co-stars in it. That could be his major introduction to America.
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